Picture of Eryka Wentz

Eryka L. Wentz, MA
Project Director, COVID Long

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Department of Epidemiology

Contact Information
111 Market Place, Suite 906
Baltimore, MD 21206
(410) 223-1663

MA, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2010
BA, Elizabethtown College, 2004

Research Interests
HIV/AIDS, Public Health, Social Determinants of Health, Food Insecurity

Select Publications
Chandran A, Edmonds A, Benning L, Wentz E, Adedimeji A, Wilson TE, Blair-Spence A, Palar K, Cohen M, Adimora A. Longitudinal Associations Between Neighborhood Factors and HIV Care Outcomes in the WIHS. AIDS Behav 2020;24(10):2811-2818. PMC7483905

Leddy AM, Sheira LA, Tamraz B, Sykes C, Kashuba ADM, Wilson TE, Adedimeji A, Merenstein D, Cohen MH, Wentz EL, Adimora AA, Ofotokun I, Metsch LR, Turan JM, Bacchetti P, Weiser SD. Food insecurity is associated with lower levels of antiretroviral drug concentrations in hair among a cohort of women living with HIV in the United States. Clin Infect Dis 2020;71(6):1517-1523. PMC7486839

Conroy AA, Cohen MH, Frongillo EA, Tsai AC, Wilson TE, Wentz EL, Adimora AA, Merenstein D, Ofotokun I, Metsch LR, Kempf MC, Adedimeji A, Turan JM, Tien PC, Weiser SD. Food insecurity and violence in a prospective cohort of women at risk for or living with HIV in the U.S. PLoS One 2019;14(3):e0213365. PMC6402690

Leddy AM, Rogue A, Sheira LA, Frongillo EA, Landay AL, Adedimeji AA, Wilson TE, Merenstein D, Wentz E, Adimora AA, Ofotokun I, Metsch L, Cohen MH, Tien PC, Turan J, Turan B, Weiser SD. Food insecurity is associated with inflammation among women living with HIV. J Infect Dis 2019;219(3):429-436. PMC6325349