Johns Hopkins COVID Long Study

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On the Record

Dr. Duggal speaks with Sheilah Kast about our study and why it’s important to understand who may be vulnerable to long COVID.

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The HUB speaks to Drs. Duggal, Shruti, and Lau about the COVID Long study, what the study hopes to accomplish, and what they have learned thus far.

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Dr. Mehta was interviewed by INSIDER to offer insight on the benefits of online support groups for COVID long-haulers and the need for more research.

Verywell Health

Dr. Duggal was interviewed by Verywell Health about the new WHO definition of long COVID and why it’s important for the treatment and care of those suffering from this condition.

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The Verge

Dr. Duggal speaks to The Verge about the the potential relationship between COVID vaccination and developing persistent symptoms of COVID.

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Maryland Daily Record

The Maryland Daily Record interviewed Dr. Lau to learn more about the COVID Long study, the purpose and goals of the study, and what they hope to learn.


USA TODAY spoke to Dr. Mehta to gather preliminary demographic data from the Johns Hopkins COVID Long Study for an article on COVID long-haulers.

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KNX In Depth

Dr. Lau speaks to In Depth about long COVID and the need for better data to understand who gets long COVID and the range of symptoms.

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Dr. Lau was one of several experts interviewed for a Politico article on the mystery of long COVID. The article focused on how much we still need to learn.

Verywell Health

Dr. Duggal was interviewed by Verywell Health on the topic of vaccines and long COVID. Vaccines offer our best chance to fight off acute and long-term outcomes.