Karine Yenokyan, PhD
Biostatistician, COVID Long Study

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Department of Epidemiology

Contact Information

Master of Biostatistics, Duke University, 2018
PhD, North Carolina State University, 2010

Research Interests
HIV/AIDS, Public Health, Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health, Application of Statistical and Mathematical Methods in Public Health and Economics

Select Publications

Shah HS, Dolwick Grieb SM, Flores-Miller A, Yenokyan K, Castellanos Aguirre J, Greenbaum A, Page KR. Solo Se Vive Una Vez: Evaluation of a Social Marketing Campaign Promoting HIV Screening and Prevention for Immigrant Latinxs. AIDS Behav 2021;25(9):3024-3033. PMC8373748

Fayanju OM, Yenokyan K, Ren.Y, Goldstein BA, Stashko I, Power S, Thornton MJ, Marcom PK, Hwang ES. The effect of treatment on patient-reported distress after breast cancer diagnosis. Cancer 2019;125(17):3040-3049. PMC6690752

Kondyan S, Yenokyan K. The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth. Eastern Economic Journal 2019;45:532-564.

Kondyan S, Yenokyan K. Cross-country Knowledge Spillovers and Innovations in Less Developed Countries in the Context of Schumpeterian Growth Model. Journal of Industry Competition and Trade 2019;19:479-500.

Seater J, Yenokyan K. Factor Elimination, Factor Augmentation, and Economic Growth. Economic Inquiry 2019;57(1):429-452.

Yenokyan K, Seater J, Arabshahi M. Economic Growth with Trade in Factors of Production. International Economic Review 2014;55(1):223-254.

Fayanju OM, Yenokyan K, Goldstein BA, Stashko I, Power S, Hwang ES. Race, Marital Status and Stage are Associated with Patient-Reported Distress After Breast Cancer Diagnosis: A Review of >5000 Patient Visits. Annals of Surgical Oncology 2018;25:S54-S54.